LUX Instructor Spotlight March 2020: Meet Rachel!

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

Get to know our AMAZING LUX instructors! Each month, we'll be featuring a different team member, so you can learn a little more about them. You'll also get an opportunity to try one of their classes for free that month!

Use Code: RACHEL to try a free class with RACHEL in the month of March! (3/6-4/4)

*This code is valid for Rachel's LUX BOOTCAMP classes 3/6-4/4 only and cannot be redeemed or applied toward any other classes. Limit 1 per client.


Rachel is an upbeat, optimistic, super friendly, hip hop loving light. She's super compassionate and will always welcome you with open arms. Talk to her for a few minutes, and her positivity, smile and happy energy will rub off on you. She's always fun to be around, and her playlists are always a good time, too! If you like moving and sweating to the beat, this dance teacher turned bootcamp instructor is your girl! When she's not teaching or taking class, you can find her crafting, cooking, or running on the trail with her husband & 2 pups. We love her so much and are so grateful to have her be a part of our team! Check out her new early bird class this month!

Here are some fun facts about Rachel:

  • Favorite Class Drill: Cardio HIITs or anything with BOOTY BANDS! :) 

  • Current Favorite Workout Jam: “I Like It” - Cardi B (Dillon Francis Remix)

  • Teaching Style: Choreographed/ keeping on track with those 8 counts - I can’t help it sometimes… the dance teacher in me comes out... 

  • Favorite Thing About LUX: The community - hands down. The people make it the best part about coming to LUX! Plus the loud music and pink lights make it extra fun!

  • Who Are You? Wife, dog mom, daughter, sister (oldest of 4 girls), and friend 

  • Personality: Optimistic, upbeat, compassionate, friendly

  • What Do You Do Outside of LUX: Community Liaison at Redstone (senior living community), Dance Instructor at Extreme Dance Center, and of course spend time with my family & friends :) 

  • Favorite Color: Teal

  • Favorite Healthy Food: Acai Bowls or anything from The Green Berry in Downtown Irwin

  • Favorite Splurge: Champagne - love the bubbly!

  • Hobbies: Crafting, cooking, running on the trail with my husband & 2 pups

  • Random Interesting Fact About You: I am half Persian. My dad and his whole side of the family are from Iran. 

  • Your Sign: Aries

  • Favorite Uplifting Quote: Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

  • What Are You Most Looking Forward to This Year: Going on a delayed honeymoon with my husband! Finally <3 (a year & a half later)

  • Message to LUX Community: Thank you for joining me in class! Please continue to share anything and everything with me. I love getting to know each of you and look forward to working out with you every week!  

    See you under the pink lights! <3