LUX Instructor Spotlight November 2019: Meet Kimmi!

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

Get to know our AMAZING LUX instructors! Each month, we'll be featuring a different team member, so you can learn a little more about them. You'll also get an opportunity to try one of their classes for free that month!

Use Code: KIMMI to try a free class with KIMMI in the month of November!

*This code is valid for Kimmi's LUX BOOTCAMP classes in the month of November only and cannot be redeemed or applied toward any other classes. Limit 1 per client.


Kimmi is upbeat, super energetic, and has a heart of gold. She's always the first person to make newcomers feel welcome, is a friend to everyone, and teaches a killer, always fun and inspirational workout. She won't tell you herself, but she's always doing things to lend a hand to others, and is one of those bright shining lights in the world. When she's not at LUX, you can find her working with the Wounded Warriors, playing with her pup, flipping old furniture into new masterpieces, and planning her wedding! We are so grateful to have her on the team, and hope you get a chance to try her class to see just how amazing she is!

Here are some fun facts about Kimmi:

  • Favorite Class Drill: Any Sweat section- I love being able to build on the moves and put them together to a good jam! 

  • Current Favorite Workout Jam: Juicy Wiggle by Redfoo has been really pumping me up lately 

  • Teaching Style: Upbeat with a mix of terrible dad jokes 

  • Favorite Thing About LUX: That it’s my future sister-in-laws vision come to life! 

  • Who Are You? A Jersey girl turned Southern girl turned Yinzer 

  • Describe Personality: I’m a pretty excitable person. I try to stay enthusiastic about life while also adding a touch of sarcasm.

  • What Do You Do Outside of LUX: Work for Wounded Warrior Project as a Physical Health and Wellness Manager! 

  • Favorite Color: Army green

  • Favorite Healthy Food: Pitaya bowls! 

  • Favorite Splurge: Craft beer 

  • Hobbies: Painting old furniture to make it look prettier, playing with my dog, visiting new breweries, and imagining how I’ll decorate my future home.

  • Random Interesting Fact About You: My birthmark is in the back of my left eye

  • Your Sign: Capricorn 

  • Favorite Uplifting Quote: “If you were able to believe in Santa Claus for like 8 years, you can believe in yourself for like 5 minutes.”

  • What Are You Most Looking Forward to This Year: Of course- Marrying the most wonderful human in our favorite town- Oxford, MS!

  • Message to LUX Community: These are your classes, always tell us if you have ideas that you're excited about! It’s a community and a place for you to take some time for yourself - make it count!